I posted a few pictures of my crochet baubles on Facebook and one of my friends asked if I could teach her to wield the hook. She came over today and I had a bash at getting her started. Now, I’ve never taught anyone to crochet before. I had grand visions of getting her started on her own little bauble because to me they are so quick and easy. Of course, it’s only when you start trying to explain something simple that you realise how complicated it really is! I realised that the forming of the stitches is the relatively easy part. The hard part is just mastering the holding of the yarn and learning how to create tension in it so that you can hook evenly and smoothly. Ah well, we live and learn. I’ve got an idea now of what the basic step needs to be. I’m just not sure if I will have any other takers for lessons.

In other news, my babykins is sleeping terribly at the moment. He thinks it is ok to be awake from 2-4 am. This is not good. I’d better get to bed now if I am going to have any chance of keeping up with his sleep schedule.

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