Twirly-Wirly Scarf – Done

Just a little update. The twirly-wirly scarf is done. Here is a picture. Sorry the quality isn’t great. I only have the camera from my phone most of the time.

I love how the mixture of colours coordinate with my favourite pink cardigan and cosy grey polo neck. Perfect for winter.

Now, shall I keep it or shall I give it away for Christmas? Could I rustle up another one before December 25th? What do you think?

1 thought on “Twirly-Wirly Scarf – Done

  1. Very nice – cosy AND stylish AND home-crafted! I’m sure you could knock out a couple more before christmas. My favourite colours are …….;P

    (Ps, thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. My task is sorting through my Dad’s stuff which had to be brought into my house so I could deal with it in my own time. Yes there’s a lot of it! Progress report coming soon!)

    pamela xxx

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