Under Pressure?

Are we under pressure to create the perfect homemade Christmas? I sincerely hope that anyone landing here doesn’t feel pressured. I like making things, it’s a hobby, a bit of fun (I don’t get out much you know).

I heard Kirsty Allsop talking on this subject a few days ago on the Jeremy Vine show. You might think that she would be all for homemade Christmases. She had obviously been booked because of her ‘Homemade Home‘ programme. In the adversarial nature of the Jeremy Vine show she was clearly expected to oppose the other woman who had been booked. In fact, they both agreed that homemade or home cooked items should be included in Christmas plans only to the extent that you are happy with. For some people that is not at all. It was refreshing to hear two women not attacking each other on this subject.

There are plenty of Christmassy things that I would like to make but can’t or won’t find the time for. When Christmas comes, it’s fairly likely I will have been and bought the stuffing for the turkey. In my BC (before children) days I would have revelled in peeling chestnuts and creating a delicious stuffing (yes I know how sad that sounds). These days, I don’t have  that kind of dedication to dinner. Enjoying time with my family is more important. However, when they are old enough to really help out with Christmas dinner tasks, I will encourage them to get stuck in. For the mean time, they are welcome into the kitchen to ‘help’ in their own way but I have to be realistic about what that means. I don’t think even I can train a four and six year old well enough to peel the sprouts and roast the spuds.


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