End of Term Review

December is flying by. The school term finishes today. Only  nine  more sleeps ’til Christmas. The calendar has been full this month and it’s not over yet! Don’t forget there are three birthdays in this house between the 21st and 29th.

We’ve had the End of Term activities – visit to church for the Salvation Army gift service, dressing the school tree, nativity shows and parties. Yesterday marked another rite of passage that I remember from my primary school days. Bringing home your work. I thought I might share these little treats with you….

A selection of what came out of their bags

Self Portrait of Middle Miss

I haven’t quite deciphered this yet. I know the first one is Zoobles, ‘teeth’ is a mystery. I think all the BSWBYB’s are, in the words of Middle Miss “Barbie, wash your hair Barbie”

Makes a nice festive addition to the display on my fridge

Pretty good colouring for a four year old, don’t you think?

My personal favourite (can’t resist a bit of sparkly bling)

Son number one’s offering

His Christmas list: Lego, Hornby, dinosaurs book

His Christmas Card – “Oh little town of Bethlehem…”

Well, there you have it. Some of these will be treasures for a long time to come.

Happy (school) Holidays.


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