It’s a Nog Blog

Mmmm, treat time.

A few years ago, (well two actually) we bought a pre-Christmas festive edition of the Sunday Times. I’ve got a feeling Son Number One was in hospital otherwise no one would have had time to read it. Since Husband did most of the hospital stays, he must have entertained himself in the evening with reading it. The magazine section was largely devoted to Christmas tips and recipes from leading chefs and gastronomes.

What took his eye was a recipe for eggnog. It has since become an established part of our Christmas traditions. I’m afraid I even sampled a little bit last Christmas despite it having both alcohol and raw egg in it. I was soooo pregnant that I figured a teeny tiny bit couldn’t hurt, could it? (Don’t try this at home folks).

We had my Mother in Law and her sister visiting this weekend. We won’t see them again until after Christmas so a bit of getting into the festive spirit was in order. As we were getting ready on Friday night, Husband discovered we had run out of rum for the eggnogg. Thank goodness we have a late night corner shop. He toddled off for a new bottle, plus the other key ingredients: eggs and double cream. Soon he was filling up an old gin bottle with a good litre of lovely ‘nog.

Here he is. As you can see, by teatime half the bottle had gone and there was a smile on his face.

I might even have had a bit myself….

I’d like to put the recipe here but I don’t think it’s the done thing to pinch something quite so shamelessly. You can get it if you want to subscribe to The Times Online and search for Allegra McEvedy and Eggnog. Alternatively, Waitrose have a similar version on their website. We don’t separate the eggs and you can modify the amount of nutmeg, vanilla and rum to your taste. You can find it here.


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