Give us a twirl then

If you’ve read the posts at the start of this blog you will know that one of the first projects I aired here was a twirly-wirly scarf. It was started quite some time ago and forgotten until I stumbled across Attic 24 and was inspired to take up my crochet hook again. I had seen some yarn in Boyes that I really liked the colour of but wasn’t sure if I should go ahead and buy it. Was I being too indulgent? If I bought it would I turn it into a scarf in time to give it as a Christmas present? Crikey, you would think I was spending a million pounds, not five.

Thanks to some encouragement from Pam at hippy hat – take it from here (her blog) I decided to take the plunge.

Here is the start. I just HATE doing the first row after making the chains. It’s really tricky and although I love this yarn, the mixture of colours in it made it a bit tricky to find the right spot to put the hook into.

It’s worth persevering though because it soon starts to do it’s twirly, wirly thing.

Mmmmmm, love those colours.

Well, after sneaking in a bit of hooking here and there I did manage to finish it in time for Christmas. Not only that but I also whipped up a matching hat and had about 10 inches of yarn left at the end. How about that for good luck. Alas, I didn’t remember to take a picture of the finished articles so you’ll just have to trust me. At that point I was so behind with the Christmas wrapping that I didn’t have a moment to indulge in fancy photography.

I’ve just been to visit my Godmother, the recipient of the scarf and hat combo. What do you know, she’s only knitting Aunty Betty a sweater in the exact same yarn that she chose independently, before Christmas. Great minds think alike.

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