Growing Boy, Growing Mum

Babykins is growing up rapidly. He had his first birthday during the Christmas break. Today,  he is wearing a hand-me-down jumper from his big brother. Son Number One seemed so big and grown up when he first wore it, though he was only 16 months.

A week or two ago we bought him his first proper shoes (a £12 bargain in the sales I may add). He can now go exploring outside if we have the patience to take him! He has certainly shown an aptitude for it so far.

There’s no stopping me now….

It’s a fascinating and bitter sweet thing seeing you baby grow and develop. You would think I would be used to it by now, he is my third child. The circumstances of his babyhood have allowed me much more time for reflection than I had with the older two. He has probably had the best of me. I’m now a more mellow and experienced mother, more accepting that my role is to surrender to his needs. Don’t get me wrong, I can screech and shout and get frustrated with my children, just like everyone else. Today I am feeling at perhaps my most unforgiving, having been subjected to yet another 4am start. But yet, when babykins was born, something inside the ‘mothering’ part of my psyche changed. For the better, I’d like to think.


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