The Joy Of Toast: part one

Toast, one one of my daily rituals.

It gets covered in some basic spread

and dabbed with marmite.

Then I cram it in, fast enough to give me hiccups. How unladylike.

Babykins shares this ritual with me (without the cramming) and I love that he likes marmite. To me, it’s a family essential, my children will be brought up to like it.

Once upon a time, all my bread came out of my bread making machine. We used to bake a seed and nut loaf every other day. I gave up on that when Son Number One was at his sickest, way back in 2008. The husband thinks it’s pathetic, but I just couldn’t deal with the amount of crumbs it was generating. It was hard enough keeping up with basic housekeeping and a sick boy. Extra crumbs were the last straw.

So at the moment, sliced bread is the best thing since, well, sliced bread.

Quick, comforting and you can even pretend it’s healthy when it’s covered in marmite.

Edited to add:: Son Number One has just come in from school requesting slices of DRY toast. Weird.

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