One Born Every Minute: Conception

Steady now, there are none of those photos in this post.

I knew I was ready to start a family about ten years ago when I had an unexplainably powerful urge to have a baby. I have never found the words to describe how it felt. Hormones have a lot to answer for.

Luckily for me and the Husband, we’ve never really had a problem with conceiving babies.

Of course, from the moment we decided that we would be ‘trying’ (I hate that expression), I was on tenterhooks. Would this month be the month? Your mind can play so many tricks on you, especially if you have a somewhat erratic cycle, like me. Mother Nature can be very cruel. The very same symptoms can mean either PMT or pregnancy.

When the magic finally happened, I was beyond excited. Imagine my disappointment when the Husband responded in his usual laid back way. In the movies, women announce their pregnant state to enraptured partners, who then sweep them up and cosset them for the next nine months. It wasn’t like that in our house. At five months pregnant I was still helping him shift concrete fence posts onto a trolley in B&Q.

I got used to him treating my pregnancy as a run of the mill event. In hindsight, I should have realised what a bonus it was that he wasn’t fazed by the whole thing.

Next time around and my heart thumped and fingers shook just as much as I took the pregnancy test.

There was something about this baby that felt right somehow. My first pregnancy had ended in a strange ‘missed miscarriage’ and my second resulted in Son Number One. For some reason I never felt secure in either of those pregnancies but I was completely confident about the one that gave me the Middle Miss. Strange.

By the time Babykins was conceived, I had acquired an iPhone. They say an iPhone will change your life.

It changed mine, I’ve never been pregnant so quickly. There’s an app for it you know….

I was using the ‘Period Tracker’ app on my phone to chart my cycle, mainly to work out when my hormone related migraines were going to hit. After a few months of this, the app got better at making predictions about when my fertile period would be.

It even told me the ‘Most Fertile Day’.


Result? Babykins is the only one of the three that I have any idea about when conception occured.

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