Blanket progress

Making a blanket for a double bed is never going to be a quick job. You’ve got to be prepared for the long haul.

I like the fact that it is something I can easily pick up and put down and still see some progress. At this stage it’s very portable too. All I need is three different shades of yarn.

So, here is the progress so far…

Saturday night: not so much progress, actually

A bit more by today, after a little holiday with the in-laws (and a mishap with a sharp knife – ouch)

No two are alike so far

A bit of creativity by Son Number One: A Crochet Tree

I think the colours in this blanket must be deep in my subconscious. This was the knitwear I selected in a recent rummage through the charity shops…..Definitely spring colours, don’t you agree?


2 thoughts on “Blanket progress

  1. Absolutely gorgeous colours…really reminds me of Spring! I have just finished a very similar blanket and as you say it took a while but in the end I had 144 squares which is just perfect for a double bed. If you would like to see it there are some pics on my blog. Keep on keeping on it’s going to be fabulous! Nikki

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