Spring Sunlight

The changing quality of light is one of the joys of living in a country with proper seasons. In the last week the sun has shone and we’ve had blue skies.

The washing has been dried on the line.

The camelia is in full bloom.

We’ve had our first after-school park visit of the season. It is now light until well after five pm so I decided that a trip out was just what we needed to combat after school TV addiction.

The Middle Miss spent ages looking at the soft, furry buds on this willow tree.

Son Number One was back in action after his little op.

Babykins had a great time, as usual. Thank goodness for reins.

I challenged them all to find a feather and they managed to find plenty, down by the pond. The ripples were due to the boys deciding to wash their muddy footwear. Not their best idea really. Thankfully there were no wet feet incidents this time.

The light was beautiful.

When the sky looks like this and the sun is just that bit higher in the sky it really starts to feel like spring.

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