Mother Nature’s highs and lows.

May is following the pattern set by April.


I’m not going to complain about it too much; we need the rain and I planted seeds recently. But, how is it that Mother Nature knows when the school run is on? You can bet that if it’s going to rain in a day, it will be at 8.40 in the morning or 3.15 in the afternoon. Yesterday was a fine example.

At least Middle Miss’s rain coat and Babykins’ blanket cheered things up.

On the plus side, all this rain is ensuring that the trees can come into leaf. I really don’t think I’ve ever taken as much notice of buds and new leaves as I have this year. My Monday morning walk to Tumble Tots is along a fairly fast road, but to my left, it’s mainly trees and hedgerow. I am often to be found snapping pictures of the leaves and flowers on the way. I posted some of them here. There are always plenty of other pedestrians about and I’m sure they must think I am nuts. I don’t care. You have to stop to smell the roses now and again, or in this case, admire the foliage.


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