Allotment update

As usual, I seem to be getting very little time in the allotment. The last time I managed to do any work in it was a quick spell of weeding a couple of weeks ago. I pass our plot on my way back from Tumble Tots so it seemed like a perfect opportunity. Babykins was worn out from his tumbling and snoozed in his pushchair while I worked. This week, with the weather being so perfect, I decided to actually plan to stop on the way back. I set out with snacks at the ready. Typically, the boy decided to stay awake this week so my gardening has been postponed. Never mind, I’ll share the pictures I took last night when I sneaked out for half an hour.

It’s very pleasing to turn up and find that your seeds have germinated. I suppose that’s the benefit of not visiting regularly, you see more progress. Below are my peas, all three double rows have sprouted and look remarkably weed free.

The next two pictures are chard and spinach respectively. Not quite as weed free. I was hoping that by now I might have fixed that. Maybe I can sneak out again later?

I wish I could get a better picture of our strawberry patch. There are masses of flowers so I am looking forward to another bumper crop.

The gooseberries are swelling nicely. Last year I didn’t manage to pick them all and the birds had a lot of them. Must do better in 2012. I did make some fabulous gooseberry ice cream from a Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall recipe. Fingers crossed we will have enough for another batch this year.

The raspberries are starting to flower…

and do I detect a hint of colour on the currants?

The globe artichokes are growing into all their leafy, statuesque glory. This must be at least their third year so it will be interesting to see what kind of a crop we get. We don’t do anything to them so they are produce for no effort.

If only the same could be said for all the stuff we grow.


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