Muddy puddles

These days, Babykins demands to be set free from the pushchair while we wait in the playground for his older brother and sister to finish school. He loves running around and exploring. Show me a toddler that doesn’t.
I like to think that I keep my eye on him at all times so that I know where he is but I also want to let him enjoy his freedom.
Today he learnt a lesson (I hope): when Mummy says “Don’t go back over there, it’s too muddy” you should listen.

Poor Babykins. He slipped off a little piece of play equipment and landed in a huge muddy puddle. I think he was more shocked that hurt. I must admit to laughing a bit, he did look funny. It’s not the first time I’ve been thankful for grown up friends in the playground and the close proximity of my home!

If you want to see more pictures of babykins, search for the hash tag #babykinsadventures at instagram.

1 thought on “Muddy puddles

  1. omg muddy puddles are the worst.
    my 1 1/2 year old decided it was funnest to sit in the mud, kicking the puddle so it would splash everywhere, and tehn decided to dip his face in it. fuuuuuuun. lol 🙂

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