Halloween Frugality

Is it wrong to cook the Halloween pumpkin? Are you all going to be disgusted with me? Will it make any difference if I tell you that I peeled both the outside and inside? Inspired by this, I decided to go ahead and make something useful from what would otherwise be a heap of rotting squash. I’m not sure how the children will take it when they wake up tomorrow but it’s too late now. I peeled, chopped and roasted the three pumpkins along with about four cloves of garlic. The Husband had already diced and gently cooked two onions before we changed our supper plans so I added the roast pumpkin to them. I cooked the pumpkin and onion together with approximately half a teaspoon of the spices shown below (and mentioned in the link above), a couple of diced carrots and just under a litre of chicken stock that I had in the freezer. Et voila….Frugal Halloween themed soup for lunch tomorrow. It’s a bit more chickeny than I anticipated (I forgot how much shredded meat was frozen with the stock) but it smells divine. I will blitz it tomorrow, before serving and see how the ultimate taste testers get on with it.   It looks pretty good to me, but then I have been enjoying a little tipple. Damson gin. Gorgeous. One day I might get around to straining the batch I made last year!    

2 thoughts on “Halloween Frugality

  1. We eat a lot of Pumpkin Fritters in South Africa, goes well with a Sunday roast if you can afford it, that is! Your kidos would love them. Tricia

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