The Joy Of……The Internet

When I learned to crochet, years ago, I felt as if I was enjoying my hobby in isolation. There wasn’t much around that was very inspiring and I certainly didn’t know anyone else who I could share ideas with. When I took up my hook again almost two years ago I was lucky enough to discover Attic 24. The first time I looked at that blog I was hooked (sorry, bad pun). At last, here was someone making crochet that looked a bit more modern and fun.

Of course once you find one blog that you like the look of it is only a matter of a few clicks and sure enough, you will find more inspiration than you know what to do with. Sometimes it can be a bit daunting. There is one blog that I regularly read in disbelief. I can hardly believe that one person can do so much crafty stuff. Mostly though, I just enjoy looking at all the lovely things that other people make. I love the fact that a craft like crochet, that had a bit of a fuddy duddy reputation when I was growing up has got a whole new lease of life through modern technology. I wonder what my Grandma would have made of it?

Another visual source of inspiration is Instagram – a photography app for smart phones. I am aware that there was a bit of an upset in the Instagram world a week or two ago over who owns the rights to the pictures posted there. I’m not sure if it’s been resolved but for now I ams sticking with it. It took me a while to get to grips with Instagram as a social network but now that I have, I love it. Most of the people that I ‘follow’ on Instagram are crocheters (is that a word?). Here is the picture that inspired the crocheted jar covers in my last post. I have asked permission to share this here, by the way.89d8870c25a611e2901022000a9e13ab_7The same person (I only know them by the name on their Instagram account – nillams) also posted this…

43e749b60d2a11e29bac22000a1c032a_7and then the pattern…057e3e640f8711e2b3af22000a1fb856_7Which inspired my to make these…IMG_5544

It’s not really about the quality of the photography for me. It’s about being able to connect with other people who like the same things. If you are an experienced blogger/tweeter/social media user maybe this isn’t news to you? For me, this is the joy of the internet.

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