52 weeks of happy: 1/52

Well, I’ve just been reading ‘Little Tin Bird’ and thought that this idea of a post a week of happy things sounded like a good idea. I think that trying to remember happy things is probably my primary reason for blogging. So, the first week of 2013 is over: here are my happy moments.

Eating pate on toast. I haven’t had this for years. It’s not exactly healthy but I certainly enjoyed it.IMG_5880Starting a new twirly, whirly scarf. This is either going to be a birthday present or stashed as a gift for next Christmas. I kid you not – this year I am going to be ORGANISED! (More on this at a later date).IMG_5884Enjoying the view of industrial Teesside. In the right light, it can be just as special as somewhere rural. The Transporter bridge is pretty iconic if you happen to be a Teessider. This was taken at RSPB Saltholme. The birds certainly don’t mind sharing with the cooling towers and chemical plants.IMG_5892I’m not sure if this counts as happy or not but I’ve eaten a lot of chocolate this week. IMG_5893Finishing the scarf in the early hours of this morning. The reason I was up at 2 am was not so happy – another sickness bug. At least I got to watch some interesting TV and complete my little project.IMG_5911Here’s to lots of happy times in 2013!

2 thoughts on “52 weeks of happy: 1/52

  1. A lovely looking scarf (despite the sickness).Hope you/the sick person feels ok now. Ps. The 52 weeks of happy sounds like a great idea-I may give it a go.x

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