IMG_6159Babykins had his first trip to Playgroup this week. So far he has toddled in happily, played contentedly and been all smiles when I’ve picked him up. In fact the first day he was there, he barely looked up when I arrived, he was too engrossed in playing with a dinosaur (Raaargh). All three of my children have settled in easily at the same playgroup and I am very grateful to have it on my doorstep. I’d like to think that it’s because they are happy, secure children and I have done a superb job preparing them for their time away from home. In reality, I’m probably just lucky to have had children who like to be independent. I have plenty to say  about settling children into nursery/school/playgroup, however, I’m afraid that committing my thoughts to (digital) paper might just backfire on me. If you want to hear my pearls of wisdom, ask me again in September 2015 when I am waving him off to ‘big’ school.


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