52 weeks of happy 5/52

Hmm, I’m starting to notice a pattern in these posts….

IMG_6182Seeing my children playing together makes me happy. This week the boys have been ‘farming’. Virtually all these toys are hand-me-downs, something else that makes me happy. The truck near the front belongs to their father!IMG_6180Sad but true, cleaning my venetian blinds made me happy this week, mainly because I could do it in peace while babykins was at playgroup. I’d be happier still if the ratio of clean areas to dirty areas was a bit more impressive. IMG_6189A sneaky Friday treat: one bag of fish and chips shared between me and the children. This makes me happy for so many reasons, one of them being that it feels like a family tradition. Eating chips after swimming (which is what we were doing) has been a part of family life since my Mum was a little girl. Apparently my Grandad used to make the chips and serve them in newspaper for the authentic experience. I’m happy that these days we can afford to buy them from the chip shop! IMG_6204Hmm, I think I am happy about this. I am happy that they had a good time playing in the sunshine. I am happy that at least the bottom half was covered in waterproof material. I am happy that I own a washing machine with a ‘sports’ cycle for muddy clothing.


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