Barefoot on the beach in February






IMG_6285Today was bright and still. Slowly but surely the days are getting longer and the quality of the light is changing. The low sun makes the ripple patterns in the sand show up beautifully and the colours of the beach, the water and the sky are delightfully harmonious. Mother Nature never gets it wrong. On days like today, when the weather is clear and bright I feel quite drawn to the beach. Having it just a short drive away makes me very happy.

Son Number One has his father’s genes when it comes to feeling the cold. Only he was crazy enough to wander around bare foot. His toes were looking rather pink by the time we left.

Our local beach is not traditionally picturesque; the chemical industry, a nuclear power station and a large international dock have seen to that, However there are wide, golden sands and high cliffs in the distance. There is always plenty to see. Today it was horses, dogs big and small, lots of shells and seaweed among the rock pools and the growing offshore wind farm.

The North-East has it’s grimy side but it’s cheap to live here and we have great outdoor spaces on our doorstep. I hope we have plenty more opportunities to feel the sand between our toes in 2013.

2 thoughts on “Barefoot on the beach in February

  1. Here, here….or is it hear hear? I don’t know! But I agree about the NE, and I’m loving the return of the light. I especially like the second photo.

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