52 Weeks of Happy 8/52

It’s been a bit of a funny week in our household because we have all been at home for half term holiday. I look forward to holidays but honestly, I’m not sure that I always enjoy being ‘out of routine’. IMG_6406This week I bought a collection of plates. I can’t quite decide whether to be pleased or concerned about this development. I’ve always considered these kind of ‘collectables’ to be a bit naff and certainly the preserve of old ladies. But, they were a very good price. I’ve decided to listen to my Mum’s words of wisdom – “Enjoy them for now and if you get fed up with them, put them on ebay”. The designs, which are Cicely Mary Barker’s flower fairies are very pretty and they have filled up a big, empty wall in our bedroom.IMG_1765This really made me laugh. The children were all given a fortune cookie this week when we visited a local museum. The cookies were supposed to be a ‘reward’ if you tried something more unusual like a wonton or a piece of lychee. Do you think Son Number One, being the least adventurous of them all tried the strange new food? Not likely. His fortune cookie couldn’t have been more appropriate, could it?IMG_6347We are not big on bathtime in this house. It has become at most a once weekly activity. That’s not to say the children don’t get washed but it’s usually in the shower after a swimming session. This week, after a cold day out I encouraged them to get warmed up in the bath. Only babykins took me up on this offer so we enjoyed half an hour of peace and quiet together in the bathroom. It’s rare that he gets the bath to himself and it was really sweet to see him testing out how it felt to stretch out in there.IMG_6354The Middle Miss has found a new passion this week – Hama Beads. She first had a go at these a few weeks ago but soon ran out of beads in the tiny, cheap kit we bought. When we were in the charity shop buying my plate collection we found a few bags of them for 25p each – another bargain. If you’ve never come across these, they are little plastic cylinders that you arrange onto a pin covered board. When you’ve created your desired pattern you iron over the beads to melt them together. It’s very satisfying for my little lady because she likes to follow patterns and make pretty things. The first thing she made was this heart for her Grandma. Did I mention that the beads were a bargain? It’s just as well because I was then persuaded to go out and buy a few more of the boards that you need to make the designs and they were considerably more….Having said that, even Son Number One has taken to them and with inspiration from the internet is currently working on making Darth Maul (a Star Wars character if you’re wondering).

So, altogether a week defined by simple things and bargain hunting in charity shops.


2 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Happy 8/52

    • Hi there, I have just stumbled across this comment, I don’t know how I managed to miss it. That link goes to a stunning picture. I don’t think my plates are quite on that scale but they do look pretty now they are on the wall. Thanks for calling in and I’m sorry I missed your comment.

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