On the hook – bags

I started making this bag in the spirit of my homemade Christmas gift challenge after Mum admired the pattern in one of my books (Cute and Easy Crochet). In reality, I don’t think she is going to be getting it. It’s not that she doesn’t deserve it, I just think it’s more my colour than hers. Honestly.

IMG_6462I am very pleased with how it’s turned out. It is very chunky acrylic yarn (Patons Big Fab) worked up in rows of double crochet with a 7mm hook. The result is a strong, dense fabric. The worst part about this project was testing out the tension (no fun) and the fact that it was tough going at times, working with such thick yarn in a tight stitch. Sewing the lining was a bit of a new departure. At first I thought it was a bit pointless to crochet a bag and then go to all the trouble of lining it. However, it makes it much more practical and I really enjoyed choosing the fabric. Strangely I actually quite enjoyed hand stitching it in place too. The picture above is not quite the finished article. I experimented with a few more flowers.

IMG_6455This one was made with the pattern from the book. It’s nice but somehow a flower with four petals doesn’t seem right. I’m sure mother nature prefers five petalled flowers. No problem, just add another one in….

IMG_6457The petals got changed around again on the next one…

IMG_6456I started off with five in the centre and ended up with three on the final round with three, pointy leaves behind that. The beauty of crochet is that it is easy to switch things around like this. Changing the number and type of stitches, quickly gives a different shape. When making something small like flowers it’s not too demoralising if it doesn’t quite work out. You can just frog it (rip-pit out) and try again.

IMG_6453Originally I thought this flower looked a bit too much like a cauliflower. Adding some pink at the petal edges and a few seed beads prettied it up nicely.IMG_6521

Ta-dah. The finished product. And so to my next WIP…

IMG_1889These squares, that I started last April, were supposed to become a sleeveless cardigan for The Middle Miss. The colours were chosen with the Diamond Jubilee and Olympics in mind. I completely missed that deadline. The fact is I made this project way more complicated than it needed to be and I got a bit fed up of the fiddly-ness of the changing colours and mixed-up patterns. But now that I have these pretty, little squares, I feel I should do something with them. After all, the yarn wasn’t cheap and it is lovely to work with.

IMG_1894So now I’m thinking that this is going to become a small, patchwork bag, four squares by four squares with another square at the sides to give it depth. This one really will need lining because it is much more ‘holey’ and delicate than the pink one. Fingers crossed that I can squeeze enough squares out of my remaining yarn.

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