52 Weeks of Happy 10/52

IMG_6525A day when my children had  a healthy snack after school and no one complained. I won’t spoil it by telling you what they had after, for their main evening meal. It all came straight from the freezer and went straight into the oven.

IMG_6532 The Middle Miss has had a bit of a reading breakthrough. Her teacher told me that her reading age has gone up two years in six months. She so wants to be a reader. On Thursday night she found this book in Babykins’ room and it suited her perfectly. It was lovely to hear her getting so much pleasure from it. I think she read it about five times, on the trot. IMG_6541Mothering Sunday was this weekend in the UK and this was my breakfast treat. I was also treated to several boxes of cereal (not as silly as it sounds – I’ve been having a hard time getting the kind of breakfast I like), some lovely home made cards a few chocolates, snow globe and the narcissus below.IMG_6537Lovely narcissus ‘Jet Fire’. My favourite kind.

It’s been easy to find four things that made me happy this week and that, in itself, makes me happy.


3 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Happy 10/52

  1. Hello (it’s been a while) but I still pop in to see what you’re up to from time to time. Can see the snowy tops of the Cleveland Hills from over here in Ferryhill. Very pretty! Isn’t it so special when that reading breakthrough comes? Sweet! Glad you’re having a nice week, hope it continues in the same manner!
    love pamela xx

    • Lovely to hear from you Pamela. I was thinking of you recently as I tentatively made my way back to my yoga practise (as I think you may have headed to this blog on the hope of some yoga talk…). Maybe one day I’ll get down to writing about that?

      • Ooh Yoga, let’s her about that. I turned my attention and energies toward health and wellness over recent months. Found the motivation from somewhere or other lol and am doing some intensive get-your-backside-off-the-couch-and-moving myself. In fact I have never been so active, and even (and I can’t believe this myself) am learning to run for the first time ever, aged fifty seven.
        love, pamela xxx
        p.s. your children’s healthy snacks are a feast for my eyes 😀
        p.p.s. always wanted to chat to you about midwifery in middlesborough, family connection to same, circa 1940’s.

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