52 weeks of happy 11/52

IMG_6569I finished off my Mum’s mothers day gift (well almost, there is supposed to be a daffodil in the middle). I think it  looks great on this chest of drawers with the other spring/easter decorations. I have had good reason to be grateful to my Mum this week as I have been unwell. As usual she stepped in to help out with childcare and feeding the family while I slept it off.

IMG_6570Despite feeling pretty ropey for the first part of the week I did manage to cook a few good meals. This stir-fry was made with left-over beef brisket (cheap cut of meat, very tasty, very simple recipe here) and was my first attempt at using rice noodles. I quite enjoyed them though they are certainly an unusual texture. The Husband wasn’t very impressed.

IMG_6586Can’t read this? I shall translate:

List for my clothes: My pink and my blue dress, my tights to go with it, my slippers, my slipper socks, my onesie

Don’t you just love phonetic spelling? My favourite is the ‘wonsee’.

IMG_6607Fancy a ‘nice cup of tea’? Babykins does. I will consider my parenting to be done when this activity can happen for real and the beverage I am presented with is hot. Until then, I shall just have to enjoy the pretend version.

3 thoughts on “52 weeks of happy 11/52

  1. I love your first photo! You’re right, it does look very at home on the chest of drawers. Did you use an iphone filter on that photo? Do you mind me asking which one? It’s lovely. xx

    • Hello Heather, lovely to hear from you. It was instagrammed (very addictive, isn’t it?). I couldn’t say for definite what filter is was but I often use Rise, Amaro or Valencia and add a bit of blur at the edges. Maybe I can find out?

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