52 weeks of Happy 15/52

IMG_6886This time last week we were still on our holidays, staying with my mother and father-in-law in Cumbria. Tuesday was our last full day there and we went to visit some old haunts. The picture above is Shap Abbey, a place where my husband spent a lot of time as a child. Right next to the ruins there is a working farm and as a boy, it was run by his Godfather. There were three similar aged boys living on the farm in those days so you can imagine the kind of play that would have gone on. When I met my husband, almost 20 years ago, we sometimes used to walk here in our carefree summer holidays from university. Shap Abbey is in a very secluded spot and doesn’t really get many visitors so when we visited last week there was plenty of scope for playing hide and seek amongst the tumbled down walls. Despite the cold, grey weather our visit was filled with happy memories.
IMG_6905After getting home, The Husband and I were lucky enough to spend some time in our allotment getting on with clearing and planting. It is surprising how long it takes me to plant a few rows of potatoes, onions, carrots and beans. To be fair, I did riddle (sieve) all the soil where I planted the carrot seeds to a depth of about 9 inches. If my carrots don’t grow well this year it won’t be for lack of TLC.

IMG_6909After a session in the allotment there is nothing better than tucking into the first fruits of the season. Our rhubarb (Timperly Early in case you’re interested) has grown enough to be harvested and cooked. These days we (I say we, I mean The Husband) tend to bake it as it keeps its shape better. It was delicious.

outdoor playThese are terrible photos but they are evidence of a happy night playing in the garden. It always amazes me when an evening goes so well. The children played outside with very little supervision. There was creativity and co-operation when they tried to build a mouse trap, they bounced, skipped, rocked, climbed and slid with all their toys and finally they helped out by bringing in the washing and tidying up the toys. They even requested an easy to make supper and polished off the lot. I’m sure all mothers out there will agree that this is a recipe for happiness.


6 thoughts on “52 weeks of Happy 15/52

      • My husband entertaining mine while I prepare dinner (catch up on some blogging)…sshh I think they’re coming back in…must look busy šŸ˜‰

      • Mine are being entertained by their Dad outside now while I’m cooking dinner (catching up on some blogs)…shh I think they’re coming back in…must look busy šŸ˜‰

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