Hearts and buttons

IMG_6978Last Tuesday felt like a day to sit down and do a bit of button sewing-on. It seemed like the first time in ages when the house was quiet and I could indulge. I had enough hearts crocheted and stiffened to make two more hanging decorations. In the time that babykins was a playgroup I managed to stitch on almost all the buttons for them both. Stitching them all together into the final hanging shape always takes me ages but I finished one last night. Getting good pictures of these is so difficult. I wish I could afford a professional product photographer! When I do it there are shadows where I don’t want them, the colours don’t show at their best and the focus is off in places! I think it’s partly that they are so long – 60cm or 2′ from the top bit of crochet to the bottom. hanging heartsWhat a difference natural light makes to an amateur photographer. The photo in the centre above was taken at night with a flash and a Canon digital ixus 80IS. I have played around a little with it but it still looks wrong. The two outer photos were done in natural light with an iPhone in HD mode (iPhone 5 I think, it was my Mum’s).

I have one more decoration to finish off and then I will have to get on with more crocheting and blocking out and experimenting with more photography. Maybe I should take them out into the garden and hang them amongst some branches? I’d be happy to hear any top tips, bearing in mind that my cameras are limited those mentioned above.

6 thoughts on “Hearts and buttons

  1. Rachel these are simply gorgeous, I think hanging them out side, with a backdrop of leaves, clouds or even a fence would look lovely. Lighting does make a huge difference to the finished photo. For what it’s worth I think these look fine.

  2. Do you have Photoshop Elements? There’s a tool on it to remove colour cast. I use it e.g.when I photograph something i know is white but doesn’t look white in the photo, it rejigs the colours to how they should look. Failing that hanging your hearts outside from a tree will look splendid 🙂

  3. I agree about the light it makes a massive difference to an image, it is getting easier now with the longer days but in the winter months when you are at work all day getting the time to take images with good light is a real chore. Love your heart decorations.

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