52 Weeks of Happy: 36/52

IMG_8204I received this photo from my husband while I was enjoying an end of holidays caravan trip with my Mum and the children. While we were taking it easy, he was slogging away, clearing a large patch of our allotment. In theory, there will be fruit trees in there soon (don’t hold your breath, we’ve had them three years).

IMG_8218Courgette and goats cheese soup, more or less as per Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall’s River Cottage year. I’m just glad to be using some more monster courgettes. They keep on coming.

IMG_8221My Mother-in-Law brought me 10lb of damsons from the Lyth Valley in Cumbria at the weekend. I was very happy to have them. I enjoyed looking at them and thinking about how tasty they would be when turned into jam and gin. I must confess that the epic batch of jam making was not so much fun. Removing the stones from that many damsons is a real pain.

IMG_8224I finally served up a very special potato to my husband. Ah, love is a mutant root vegetable.

2 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Happy: 36/52

  1. I made damsom jam once and never again. Oh, my the stones! I have never thought of courgette soup, will store that one away, as you say almost impossible to use them up.
    btw have left you a reply on my pregnancy post.

    • Got it thanks. I should have said I hope your pebbles fill up soon. Take a look at ‘Thistledown Dreams’ I think they have blogged a courgette and carrot soup. A friend of mine keeps recommending courgette and ginger jam but I just don’t fancy it. Mine are becoming cake more often than not.

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