Rainbow Hat and Mitts : Ta-Dah

Autumn is bringing us some almighty downpours, some of them with enough sun shining through to provide a rainbow. In my house, I’ve had a rainbow shining out of my yarn bag for the last few weeks.

IMG_3722You can see how the colours pop out and hit you in the eye. It has been lovely working with this brightly coloured stuff.

I bought the yarn from Bev Beattie, owner of www.knitting4fun.com at Yarndale. At over £6 a ball it wasn’t cheap but it was exactly what I was looking for in terms of colour and softness. She was kind enough to throw in the large rainbow button too.


It took 111g to make the hat and two mitts, so it is just as well that I bought three balls. Annoyingly the hat on it’s own weighs 57g so if you attempt the same pattern in the same yarn you will need two balls.

I used a very simple, free pattern, that I found on Ravelry (I think). You can find it by clicking here. I wanted something that worked continuously so that there wasn’t an obvious join between rows. I originally tried making rounds of half trebles but with a variegated yarn it just didn’t look right. I needed to work in a more ‘amigurumi’ style, marking the start of each row with a stitch marker. I’m not completely sold on the ear flaps but The Middle Miss wanted them. They are more like cheek warmers but I suppose that might not be a bad thing.


The mitts were also made with a free pattern, click here if you want to view it. I changed the pattern so that I worked the main part of the hand continuously, using a stitch marker as before. I never check tension (very bad I know) but if I had, I might have realised that I would need to make a bigger size. I thought that because both the pattern and the ball band  recommended the same hook size I would be ok. As it turned out, The Middle Miss’s hands required the ladies size. The first mitt I made up came out looking something like a fish, as you might be able to see in this photo.


I put it down to the uselessness of free patterns. Unfortunately it was down to me, as I discovered when I made the second one. It looked much more like the correct shape. There was nothing for it but to unpick the first one and do it again.

The only downside with this beautiful yarn is that it is a swine to unpick because it is slightly fluffy. I had to keep snipping away at trapped bits of fluff. I would not recommend using it if you are a beginner. Both The Middle Miss and I are very happy with the way they have turned out. I think the will be getting their first outing tomorrow morning, assuming we don’t get another one of those downpours.




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