52 weeks of Happy: 43, 44, 45, 46

Or in other words, the 22nd of October until the18th of November! It’s been a while since I sat down to blog so I’m going to catch up now….IMG_3753

Making leaves from some left over variegated yarn and having fun decorating them with buttons and beads. I should have given this to my Mum for her birthday but it looked too good on my coat, with my scarf!

IMG_8522More beautiful, autumnal rainbows, this time during our half-term trip to see the family in Penrith.

IMG_3794I could write a whole post about finding sweet chestnuts, it made me so happy. I took loads and loads of photos of them so maybe I will get around to it soon.

IMG_8590Homegrown pumpkins! I always hankered after a Halloween pumpkin when I was little. In my day all we got was a turnip and it took forever to hollow it out. It’s been very satisfying to grow a good crop this year, thanks to the wonderful July weather we had and plenty of watering by Babykins and me.


IMG_3922As soon as Halloween is out of the way Bonfire night needs to be celebrated. We did our customary back garden fireworks with a few friends. Nothing fancy, just a box full of good old Standard Fireworks, plenty of rockets and a few sparklers.  Cups of tea (and a few sneaky little nips of damson gin) were drunk while we snuggled up with blankets and hot water bottles in deck chairs on the patio. The Middle Miss did a sterling job distributing her Halloween sweeties and the boys created glow-in-the-dark shapes from a kit Son Number One was given ages ago. I really like the children to have those glowing necklaces on because it makes it easier to see where they are, just in case they get a ‘burning’ desire to head to where the fireworks are being let off.

IMG_3945There has been a lot of crochet going on. I signed up to sell at a craft fair a couple of weekends ago and as well as snowflakes, bunting and corsages I made few of these tea light cosies. This trio were the ones I liked best but they didn’t sell. I love the way they look when they are lit up. They really do cast a cosy glow. If you want to make some similar, I think I have pinned the patterns I used on my ‘crochet’ board on Pinterest. Click here to find it.

So, that is by no means an exhaustive list of what has been going on here but at least I feel as if I’ve caught up a bit. It would be a shame not to finish this project with only a few weeks to go.

[Grammar fail? Babykins and me? Babykins and I? – pah, I wish I was more confident with this] 

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