52 weeks of happy: weeks 47, 48, 49


So cute, Babykins was determined to twirl his noodles.

IMG_8624Sustenance before hitting the knitting and stitching show with my Mum. We had a great day out and I managed to spend considerably less than when I went to Yarndale. It’s a very big show full of lots of lovely things but I preferred Yarndale, mainly because I don’t really sew.

IMG_8637The show provided me with some inspiration though. I saw a few examples of knitting and crochet done with more than one strand of yarn. The above is part of a fancy scarf but it is a Christmas present so I shouldn’t show much more.

IMG_8661I haven’t quite got the effect that I’m after but it’s a start and a good way to get a variety of sizes in my snowflakes. I haven’t quite worked out what to do with these yet. They don’t suit the colours in my home at all. I’ve been thinking of stitching them to a jumper to ‘Christmassy-fy’ it but I haven’t found a suitable one yet.

IMG_4078Now, the great thing about this picture is that I don’t have to look at it any more. I’m very happy that ‘Movember’ is over for another year.

IMG_4082So, moving swiftly on to December. We decorate for Christmas at the earliest opportunity in this house. It’s such a big job we figure that we might as well do it and then enjoy the effect for as long as possible. I made this evergreen arrangement using some things that I saved from last year (the candle, the red berries, the cinnamon sticks and the bowl containing the florists oasis). The greenery came from the hedge at our allotment and we saved the poppy heads last year after someone suggested we should spray them and sell them to florists! It was very satisfying to create, especially as it cost nothing.

IMG_3962These little boxes are really useful for gifts. I wanted something that I could put my holly and star garlands in and these were exactly the right size. They were made from large pieces of scrapbook paper (12″x12″) from Stampin’ Up. I found some instructions that included making cuts in the side of the paper, as you can see in the picture. I made my first few boxes like this and then realised that I could make them without the cut, something like this. I can see a lot more of these  in my life. I made one from brown wrapping paper this morning that is big enough for a Christmas cake!

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