Christmas Wish List

imagesPredictable, but I’d really like this book….(I think my brother might be on to this already)

imagesI made one of Kat’s oxtail, steak and kidney pies a few weeks ago. Actually I think I made three and it took four nights (some coming from the freezer) to eat them. However, I didn’t have a proper pie dish and it was difficult to get the pastry to stick down at the edges. Steak pie has been one of our dinner menu ‘hits’ this year so I’d like to continue that into 2014 without resorting to Fray Bentos (unless we are in the caravan). So, Father Christmas, I’d like one or two (or three) of these falcon ware dishes from 24cm upwards to 28cm.

imagesMmmm, now, I don’t usually go for a lot of make-up but I quite fancy some of this. Having been told today, in no uncertain terms, that now is the time to “invest in your skin” a bit of Clarins Beauty Flash Balm could be just what I need.

imagesI’d love a pair of pinking shears. I’m not sure why because I don’t sew much. Can I really justify a pair of these when the most exciting thing I’ll make is jam pot covers?


6a00e551101c548834019b01bfaec2970b-500wiBuying a magazine is such a luxury, they are quite expensive and I don’t indulge in them very often. I’m bored of the glamourous end of women’s magazines because I’m not particularly interested in celebrities, make-up or fashion. I could have a very happy time reading one of these though. I’d get to enjoy the reading and visuals and then perhaps make some of the projects they contain. I’d love a subscription to these but I’d be more than happy to receive just one of them (it’s my birthday this month too you know). Look here and here for subscription pages. Simply Crochet has an offer at the moment…

imagesI’ve been using blue and white cornishware since I bought some in a sale before I went to University. I have only ever owned seconds so some of my plates are a bit wobbly, but that’s ok, I’m fine with that. Unfortunately there have been a few breakages over the years and I am now down to three, 15.5cm cereal bowls. The pattern I have got is not so easy to buy either, it’s called cloverleaf and only has the stripes on the inside of the bowl. I’m trying to bid for a few on ebay but if anyone spots any…

Oral-B_Vitality_Precision_Clean01_DetailImg_OWMy electric toothbrush has conked out after three years use. I changed the head onto my son’s but then that started playing up. It kept switching itself on in the middle of the night! Anyway, I will be getting myself a new one eventually unless Father Christmas comes up trumps. Maybe I could just have a voucher for Boots to contribute to the cost?

imagesOur sofa could do with some new cushions like this and this and this and this and this and this and this. Get the idea? I like checks and stripes and geometrics in reds, naturals and maybe a bit of aqua/light teal. Actually, what I really want is a LARGE cushion cover to go over the large cushion we already have. It’s approximately 22″x22″, is regularly fought over by the children and is becoming rather threadbare. What I like about the current cover is that the pattern is very busy and quite dark. Great for not showing marks. So although I like the look of the cushions I’ve linked to above, if anyone sees something with those general themes and colours but much bigger, I’d be very impressed. Failing that, maybe I’ll have to get stitching. Ideally I’d like another two cushions in the same big size so that there are no more squabbles. I’d be happy just to get the cushion pads and then I’ll have to get crafty to cover them.

Well, I think that’s the end of my list. This is completely self indulgent so please forgive me (and please don’t ask me what my husband wants).

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