About Me


Hi there,

I’m Rachael, wife and mother to three small (but rapidly growing)     children. I hope you enjoy visiting me here from time to time, I’ll be really pleased to meet you all.

In this blog you will find me sharing bits of my life. I like to crochet, cook, bake, preserve, grow and occasionally faff about with other crafts.

My other interests and passions are yoga, birth and how one can influence the other. Now please don’t run away. I’m pretty normal really, honest…….Well, perhaps you can be the judge of that?

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Rachael – from your bloggy neighbour in county durham *waves*
    the yoga caught my eye – on my list of things to learn before I’m past it! Welcome to blogland:D
    pamela x

  2. Hi Pamela (waving back), you’re never too past it for yoga! Most of my clients used to be women of a ‘certain age’. I’m not teaching at the moment as it’s just too hard to leave the children but there are some great teachers in the area. Visit the British Wheel of Yoga website for details. If you don’t like the first one, try another, there are so many different styles of yoga out there. At the moment I think I’m in need of some of the relaxing, restorative kind….

  3. Hi Rachael
    I’m a mum of two myself and work from home. One of my projects is a visitor guide (and website) for the Yorkshire coast area. I was looking for cover pics for my guide next year and came across your blog (was looking for seaside donkeys!).
    Could we discuss the possibility of me using your pic? (I know it’s from Blackpool beach, not one of the Yorkshire ones)
    If you could email me, I can give you more details.

    BTW I also like to cook, bake (my other half does the preserving) and I faff about with crafts too. Might just about be able to remember how to ‘salute to the sun’

    • Hi Lin, I’ll try to get back to you properly ASAP. Im rushing off to teach a class shortly having just come back from another trip to Whitby! What a coincidence.

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