52 Weeks of Happy : 28/52 and 29/52

The last three weeks have been full of the most summery of summer weather. I have been determined not to complain about being too hot, even though I have occasionally felt like wilting. I think this photo sums it up: sun suits and bathing costumes hanging out to dry after seeing a splashing good time in the paddling pool.

IMG_7568All these blue skies and warm temperatures have made the verges and hedgerows bloom. This is the view that greets you as you walk up the path to RSPB Saltholme, here on Teesside. Ok, they are ‘weeds’ but they are beautiful when grown like this. Not so beautiful in my allotment. I’ve been trying really hard to get there every day to water the greenhouse tomatoes and the newly planted pumpkins. The harvest is really starting to take off now. It’s hard to keep up, but hopefully more of that later.

IMG_7675Last Monday I was lucky enough to be out at the right time of night to see this fabulously colourful sunset. The omen ‘Red sky at night, shepherds delight’ was indeed true. The next day was another belting-hot, blue-sky day.

IMG_7692There has been a LOT of barbecue cooking during the last few weeks. Both at home and at my Mum’s house where the next picture was taken. This picture has a lot of happy things rolled into it.

Number 1: It’s barbecue weather – need I say more?

Number 2: The Husband is doing the cooking – again, need I say more?

Number 3: Can you spot the glass of gin and tonic? I had one of those too. Happy happy.

Number 4: The family heirloom arum lilies are flowering. This patch of lilies was taken from my Great Aunt’s home in Dorset quite a few years ago now. I can’t remember if it was before she died or at the time, when the house was sold. Either way, it’s almost 20 years ago. My Dad’s siblings all took a chunk of the plant and every year the Dorset branch of the family takes great pleasure in telling us theirs are in bloom weeks before ours are, here in the frozen north. They are such a dramatic flower, one that I often associate with funerals actually, but when I see them in my Mum’s garden, I think of happy childhood holidays with family in Poole and my funny, broad Dorset-speaking Great Aunt. Oooooh-Aaarrrgh (as she might say).

IMG_7742Finally, call me a softie (I don’t care) I’ve really enjoyed the lovely news of the birth of the royal baby. It certainly takes you back to your own births. I found myself washing up yesterday morning and silently sending a few positive thoughts to The Duchess. It doesn’t matter who you are, giving birth and becoming a parent is an amazing experience. As much as I’ve been glued to the TV coverage, I sincerely hope they get some privacy now to get to grips with their new role.