52 weeks of happy 9/52

IMG_6447Predictable really, but hey – who doesn’t get happy when they see blue sky? More please.

IMG_6452My almost finished crochet bag. More pictures at a later date.

IMG_6463Getting some ‘help’ with my yarn. The colours make me happy. The project I was working on made me happy. Getting on with it while Babykins sat next to me made me happy (even if it only lasted for a short while).

IMG_6495A leafless tree bearing oranges? That made me chuckle. I’ll try to post more about this later in the week too.

I hope the ninth week of the year was good to you.

52 weeks of happy 2/52


I saw the sun this week. That made me very happy. A day of clear blue skies seems so rare. I hope there are a few more in 2013 than there were in 2012.IMG_5937Contrary to popular belief, I am not really very organised when it comes to domestic tasks. I cook, but cleaning, pah, I’d rather be doing this…20130115-130222.jpgSpeaking of cooking, another thing that made me happy this week was seasonal food. I managed to squeeze in a little trip to my local farm shop to get some seville oranges for making marmalade. It seemed a much easier task this year. I must have learned something last year after all. IMG_1418The week started with bright sunshine but ended with snow.IMG_6013I love snow just as much as the children and I have been a tad disappointed by how much has fallen. The weatherman promised so much. Still, this is supposed to be a happy post and you can’t fail to enjoy a toddler’s response to snow. It even inspired a three word sentence from Babykins “Dada, Mama, ‘now (snow)”. Call back next week to see if I am still feeling as positive about it.

Spring Sunlight

The changing quality of light is one of the joys of living in a country with proper seasons. In the last week the sun has shone and we’ve had blue skies.

The washing has been dried on the line.

The camelia is in full bloom.

We’ve had our first after-school park visit of the season. It is now light until well after five pm so I decided that a trip out was just what we needed to combat after school TV addiction.

The Middle Miss spent ages looking at the soft, furry buds on this willow tree.

Son Number One was back in action after his little op.

Babykins had a great time, as usual. Thank goodness for reins.

I challenged them all to find a feather and they managed to find plenty, down by the pond. The ripples were due to the boys deciding to wash their muddy footwear. Not their best idea really. Thankfully there were no wet feet incidents this time.

The light was beautiful.

When the sky looks like this and the sun is just that bit higher in the sky it really starts to feel like spring.