The joy of the season – part one – food

Warning! There is a lot of food bragging in this post.

I sent the Husband down to the allotment last night for some purple sprouting broccoli (expensive food number one, currently retailing at £1.50 for 200g). We have lots of it at the moment, especially as we have recently been away for ten days.

I love how it looks close up, the colours are so subtle

Last night we had it with a roast chicken dinner, shared with my Mum, brother and sister-in-law. Today it accompanied the most successful risotto I’ve ever made.

I know it doesn’t look like much but it contained plenty of wine and a decent (if I do say so myself) home made chicken stock. You certainly don’t need much meat to make a tasty chicken, mushroom and sweetcorn risotto. This is all I had left when I’d completely picked over last night’s chicken carcass.

I wonder how many other people do this? If I buy a whole chicken I always boil up the carcass either for soup or stock. Separating out all the meat from the tiny bones is not my favourite job but I always enjoy the end result. Today’s stock was one I was particularly pleased with.

Whilst I was rooting around in the fridge. looking for carrots and celery for my stock, I discovered that last night, the Husband had also brought back ( ta-daaaaa) the first asparagus of the year (expensive food number two).

I steamed it in the top pan of the steamer with the broccoli underneath. By some fluke I managed to cook them both right, tender but with some bite still.

They really were a treat. The Middle Miss had some and gave her approval. Then she looked at the risotto and this is how the  cross examination conversation went.

Middle Miss: Mum, are these mushrooms in here?

Me: No. (wondering if this is the ‘right’ answer)

Middle Miss: What are they then Mum? (sceptically)

Me: Hmm, I’ve forgotten what are those things called (I was buying time to think of an answer) Oh, yes, I remember, they’re champignons.

And that was that. No further questions, my lord. The jury was out. Thankfully a positive verdict was returned. All three of them polished off their ‘champignon’ risotto.