52 weeks of happy 4/52

What made me happy this week? Well, waking up to THIS of course.snow2But I think I have probably written enough about snow already. So, what else has been going on?colouringin1Predictably, seeing the children playing peacefully makes me happy. The Middle Miss is always keen to do some colouring in and she loves to be neat and precise. What made me particularly happy about this arty session was seeing Son Number One getting equally good results. His fine motor skills get better and better. Apparently his picture is a gnome who works on a life boat.

20130128-174053.jpg I finished a little project. That’s always a good thing. I decided to make something decorative at the start of this month, just as the Christmas decorations came down. The house always seems so empty at the start of January. The large hearts are adapted from a pattern on The Royal Sisters blog (find it here); the pattern for the small, red hearts is from Attic 24 (find it here) and the medium sized, more densely stitched hearts are my own pattern.IMG_0635My fourth happy moment involves babies but NOT my own I hasten to add. On a Wednesday morning I look after the local NCT Bumps and Babies group, a meeting place for new and expectant parents and their offspring. Last week we had what I think was a record attendance of 19 parents and 20 children. There were representatives of at least 4 different nations and two sets of twins! As a volunteer you have to enjoy what you are doing and who could fail to enjoy seeing lots of beautiful babies growing bigger and cleverer every week. It’s also a pleasure to see the parents benefitting from the mutual support they can give each other. I even got a few baby cuddles this week, happy days indeed.

The Saltburn Yarnbomber

You might have seen the ‘Saltburn Yarnbomber‘ in the news recently. I couldn’t resist taking the family to view it tonight. Son Number One has to write a ‘non-chronological report in the third person’ (I’m rolling my eyes at that) about the Olympics this week so I thought he might benefit from some knitted inspiration.

Somebody had a lot of fun making this. We had almost as much fun going to visit it. Saltburn (by-the-sea, though no one locally gives the place it’s Sunday name) is a pretty little town with a clean beach, great views of the local cliffs and the only pier for miles.

It’s popular with surfers too so it has a slightly cooler vibe than other local beaches and there’s usually something to watch in the water. The Yarnbomber, whoever he, she or they may be have done a wonderful thing for the local businesses. There have been lots of extra visitors to the town. The great weekend weather probably helped too. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy. I’m not sure that I have labelled them all correctly. You decide.

Volleyball, Cycling, Pole vault, Equestrian, 

Spectators?, Shooting, Gymnastics

Skiing, More Gymnastics?, Para-Olympian, Still More Gymnastics

Weight Lifting, Swimming, Cycling at the Velodrome, Olympic Rings

Canoeing, Sailing, Synchronised Swimming, Swimming

Weight Lifting, Synchronised Swimming, Football, Boxing

Not a bad effort all in all. There were a few more but my computer was starting to steam with all the megabytes (or whatever you call them) that I was uploading.

Now how about some family pictures? As you would expect, the children had a great time on the beach, even if it was only for an hour.


It didn’t take long for them to get fully into the spirit of things and go paddling. Babykins didn’t know what to do first, there were so many dogs and seagulls to spot. He had no fear of the sea either. At least he didn’t eat the sand today. He seems to have got the idea of using his little spade to dig in it. Maybe I dare book a beach holiday this year after all.