52 weeks of Happy 21/52 and 22/52 Mash Up

IMG_7206I don’t often wear a dress (or a snazzy little belt and necklace) but I was inspired by an instagram image made by CocoRose. I think you should be able to see it here. Silly how wearing something different can make you feel happy.

IMG_7223It’s not every day that a fully functioning steam traction engine comes whistling down the street. The funny noise that this one made got our attention when it chugged into the neighbourhood on Saturday. You can imagine how pleased my children were to be offered a ride around the block on it. The Middle Miss sat nearest the front and thankfully came home free of soot – she was out in her best dress, being due to attend a party minutes later.

IMG_7251Here is a glimpse of the dress in question. Having been inspired by Dani at Teddie and Tottie I decided to make a few hair decorations, both for The Middle Miss and the Birthday Girl she was off to visit. I have been experimenting with patterns ever since. More later perhaps?

IMG_7242Being given flowers by my children always makes me happy. These little forget-me-nots are so cute and the colour is divine.

IMG_7231Caravan time. It’s been half term and we have been on two caravan trips with good weather both times. It doesn’t get much better than that. I want to put my trips into separate posts, hence a relatively short ‘happy’ post. However, the most momentous news of the past week or two can be summarised by the next photo.

IMG_7244It’s a terrible photo but hopefully it shows two children riding their bikes without stabilisers!!!!!!!!! This actually makes me feel quite emotional but more about that at another time. If you are curious as to why then I suggest you read this. May this week bring you happy times….