Quick comforting treats for Cold Days

I had a phase of making these dropped scones a few weeks back. They are very quick, very yummy and a bit like the little scotch pancakes you can buy in supermarkets. The main downside is that you have to keep small children well away from the making stage because it gets HOT! I must confess that this is not my own recipe, it is lifted from the Be-Ro Book (every home should have one – if you follow the link, you will find our how to order one). However, it must be such an old and generic recipe that I don’t feel too guilty about reproducing it here. Dropped Scones

100g (4oz) Self Raising flour

pinch of salt

50g (2oz) caster sugar

1 egg

milk to mix, approximately 4 tablespoons

Optional extras: – few drops of lemon essence – handful of dried fruit

1.Mix the flour, salt and sugar in a basin, add the egg and gradually beat in the milk to make a thick batter

2. Add any of the optional extras if you fancy them and mix well

3. Bake a few at a time (not too many they don’t take long) by dropping spoonfuls of the mixture on a hot, well-greased, heavy based frying pan or a ‘girdle’ if you’ve got one (not the Playtex 18 hour kind your granny used to wear). The Be-Ro book says the pan should be heated “until a little water sprinkled on the surface skips about in balls, evaporating.”

4. Cook until the underside is golden and there are little holes forming on top (see above) – it should only take a minute or two and you should be able to lift it with a palette knife or spatula. You should also see it rise slightly as it cooks.

5. Turn over and cook the other side.

6. Let them cool slightly and then eat, with or without butter.