52 weeks of happy 11/52

IMG_6569I finished off my Mum’s mothers day gift (well almost, there is supposed to be a daffodil in the middle). I think it  looks great on this chest of drawers with the other spring/easter decorations. I have had good reason to be grateful to my Mum this week as I have been unwell. As usual she stepped in to help out with childcare and feeding the family while I slept it off.

IMG_6570Despite feeling pretty ropey for the first part of the week I did manage to cook a few good meals. This stir-fry was made with left-over beef brisket (cheap cut of meat, very tasty, very simple recipe here) and was my first attempt at using rice noodles. I quite enjoyed them though they are certainly an unusual texture. The Husband wasn’t very impressed.

IMG_6586Can’t read this? I shall translate:

List for my clothes: My pink and my blue dress, my tights to go with it, my slippers, my slipper socks, my onesie

Don’t you just love phonetic spelling? My favourite is the ‘wonsee’.

IMG_6607Fancy a ‘nice cup of tea’? Babykins does. I will consider my parenting to be done when this activity can happen for real and the beverage I am presented with is hot. Until then, I shall just have to enjoy the pretend version.

It’s spring on the inside

Even if it’s snowing outside.IMG_1905


IMG_1913Pah, so it’s not Easter yet, who cares? Any excuse to put up some decorations. We will be away at Easter so we might as well enjoy a bit of spring-time cheerfulness now, especially when the weather is not being springlike. In this household, getting the decorations down from the loft is not just for Christmas.



IMG_6543I’ve done  a lot of spring themed crochet in the last few days too. I started this project on Thursday night as part of my ‘Home Made Gift Challenge’. I have had my hook at my side whenever possible: in the car while Babykins sleeps, at the poolside while the bigger two have their swimming lessons,

IMG_6539yes, even in the bath this morning. I’m starting to think that I have some sort of problem that requires a 12-step abstinence based solution. My project is almost finished. I had to hand it over to my Mum today because it was a gift for Mothering Sunday. Unfortunately, I will have to get it back from her because I just couldn’t get the flowers stitched on in time. Oh well, home made gifts can’t be rushed, and I will probably never be better organised.