Buddy, the Birthday Owl

I was given this book for my birthday by my Mother-in-Law. She knows me well. I almost received it twice in a week because my Godmother had bought it for me for Christmas too.

IMG_9276As you can see, it contains patterns for all sorts of animals.



IMG_9279My favourites are the flamingo because of it’s subtle colours and clever tail feather pattern….

IMG_9283and the cool, colour-changing, reversible chameleon.


There are lots of lovely projects in this book and I found the instructions easy enough to follow. I’m not sure if I’m too keen on the way the pattern diagrams are laid out, almost in a handwritten style. The only good thing about them is that the rows are shown in alternate colours so it’s easier to remember where you are up to. I don’t think this a book for complete beginners to either crochet or the amigurumi style. I think it’s probably a good idea to have a go at making some simple spheres or tubes first. One cute little feature that I’ve just noticed is that there is a little logo at the side of the page so you can easily flick from one pattern to the next.


If I’m honest, I would probably have put this book to one side until I got a request for an animal from one of the children. However, my Mum reminded me that my cousin’s little girl was having her first birthday in early January and her Mum has a bit of a liking for owls…

IMG_9280So, Mr Owl became my first project. He did look very appealing. I started working on him just after Christmas while we were on holiday at the in-laws and he was finished by the end of the first week in January, just in time to pop in the post for the birthday girl.

IMG_8879As you can see, I changed the colours quite dramatically from the suggested browns in the book. Brightly coloured owls seem to be fashionable at the moment and I wanted to use my nice, smooth, shiny cotton yarn. The head part is all double crochet, so a little bit tedious but the lilac ‘feathers’ were lovely to stitch. They are more or less just combinations of trebles.


So here he is in all his fully feathered glory. I am really happy with how he turned out. I wonder what colours everyone else would choose?