How to make Eggnog

IMG_1150For those of you that asked, here’s how to do it.

Use pre-chilled ingredients for best results.

2 (4) small free-range eggs

60g (100g) caster sugar

a hefty pinch or a few good scrapings of nutmeg

a few drops (capful) of vanilla extract

200ml (400ml) double cream

150ml (300ml) milk – whole is best but we use semi-skimmed

80ml (300ml) dark rum (or to taste)

The amounts in brackets makes 2 1/2 pints which is probably the volume of our biggest measuring jug. You can see that the ingredients haven’t all increased by the same proportion. All I can tell you is that that is how The Husband makes it after lots of trial and error. I’m ashamed to say it never lasts long in our house.

In a medium bowl beat the eggs until they are very frothy. Add the sugar while whisking, then sprinkle in the nutmeg and vanilla, beating all the time. Pour in the cream, slowly, followed by the milk. When frothy, beat in the rum.

That’s it. Keep it in the ‘fridge and be aware of the use by dates on the ingredients you have used. Raw eggs are classed as a high risk food so be careful to only serve this to people who are in good health. You can minimise the risk of the eggs being infected by salmonella by buying lion branded eggs. IMG_6555