Wild Weather

These pictures were taken last Friday, the 30th of December over at my Sister and Brother in-law’s farm in Cumbria. As you can see, it was rather damp. Not damp enough to deter Son Number One who is farm obsessed.

It had been so wet in earlier weeks that their little valley had been flooded.  The evidence of that event was still lying all over the fields. Several dry stone walls have been knocked down and spread around. The space under the bridge was so blocked up with debris that the stream was teaming over the top. I suspect that after the wind and rain we’ve had this week the fields will be in a worse state.

Thankfully there are always cosy indoor activities: as much wooden train track as you can fit into the lounge and a friendly Jack Russell to get acquainted with.

If you want to get an idea of how lovely it normally is in this neck of the woods, take a look at this and this. Don’t forget, if you want to see my pictures in a bit more detail you can click on them and they will open up in a separate window (still as a mosaic though).