52 weeks of happy weeks 34 and 35/52

If you follow me on instagram you will have seen most of these pictures already.

IMG_8046A family trip up Roseberry Topping. A first for all the children and a very proud moment as Babykins did the whole walk under his own steam.

IMG_8058Digging up potatoes at the allotment. The older two complain a bit about being taken there but they really do enjoy harvesting. Much fun was had searching for spuds.

IMG_8064Picking must lead inevitably to preserving. I have been freezing our redcurrants for the last few years. We had a bumper crop this year so I thought it was about time to turn them into jelly. A large portion of the strained juice is also being turned into currant ‘shrub’ a kind of fruity liqueur.

IMG_8104Adding the last pieces to my sleeveless cardigan. It was originally going to be a blanket so I hope it’s going to work as a garment.

IMG_8113Birthday cake for The Middle Miss. We had a great time making this. It started out looking a bit ropey in places but the addition of copious amounts of pink icing and edible glitter soon improved matters. When you are six, you can not have enough hearts and flowers.
IMG_8142Some surprise new additions to the family. The stick insects went to Grandma’s for their holidays and when they came back there were babies!

IMG_8152This is what happens if you don’t harvest your globe artichokes. Honestly, they are such a faff to prepare that I think it’s worth leaving them to flower and the bees absolutely love them.

IMG_8159The tomato crop is in full swing and I am loving eating them. This was a light supper of grilled tomatoes and poached egg on toast. The tomatoes are so sweet, flavoursome and juicy that they need very little doing to them.

Eight happy summer memories.