52 Weeks of Happy 10/52

IMG_6525A day when my children had  a healthy snack after school and no one complained. I won’t spoil it by telling you what they had after, for their main evening meal. It all came straight from the freezer and went straight into the oven.

IMG_6532 The Middle Miss has had a bit of a reading breakthrough. Her teacher told me that her reading age has gone up two years in six months. She so wants to be a reader. On Thursday night she found this book in Babykins’ room and it suited her perfectly. It was lovely to hear her getting so much pleasure from it. I think she read it about five times, on the trot. IMG_6541Mothering Sunday was this weekend in the UK and this was my breakfast treat. I was also treated to several boxes of cereal (not as silly as it sounds – I’ve been having a hard time getting the kind of breakfast I like), some lovely home made cards a few chocolates, snow globe and the narcissus below.IMG_6537Lovely narcissus ‘Jet Fire’. My favourite kind.

It’s been easy to find four things that made me happy this week and that, in itself, makes me happy.