Capturing Childhood

Because blogging is so instant, it is easy to record little snippets of family life that you might otherwise forget. That is one of the reasons I am still hooked on doing it. I already enjoy looking back in my archives, as if they were a family photo album.

Being “born in the age of technology” (as my Grandfather used to lament that he wasn’t) has allowed us a wonderful freedom to snap photos in an almost unlimited fashion. Many of us now have a camera with us all the time, packaged away within our smart phones. There’s no risk in taking more candid, unposed shots in a way that I would never have contemplated in the old days of film

But are our photos any good?
When the writer of one of my favourite blogs, Kat at Housewife Confidential, announced that she was launching a new venture (with her friend, another Kat, from ‘Slugs on the Refrigerator‘) called  ‘Capturing Childhood‘ I was keen to find out more. Capturing Childhood is a website where you can find and book an e-course in photography. Their first course is called ‘Collect the Moments‘, something I think have already been trying to do.
I was rather pleased to find out that they are having a scholarship competition, based around using the instagram app. So the last few days have seen me tapping away at my iphone, getting to grips with editing, adding tags to photos and uploading them. Here is the selection that I’ve entered so far… I think know there will be more. It’s addictive.

If you want to know more about the courses I’ve mentioned, follow the links above. If you want to see all the other entrants, visit instagram via your smartphone and search for the #capturingchildhood tag.


The last couple of weeks have been all about crochet. A couple of weeks ago we went to visit the in-laws and I remembered that I still had a crochet scarf under construction. Visiting the family generally seems to be a good opportunity to get a bit of crafting done. Grandma is happy to keep the children entertained and my lovely Father-in-law has very different taste in TV watching to me. So I got out the trusty yarn and hook and settled in to add some more to my twirly-wirly scarf. Unfortunately the yarn ran out.

I was a little bit frustrated but not terribly surprised. I should really have known better than to make it so long in the first place. I started the first twirly-wirly scarf last Christmas day. My mum bought me the wool and pattern from Bobbins in Whitby and gave it to me for Christmas. As I was very pregnant at the time it was a lovely present. It was something to keep me entertained and sitting down. I quickly got addicted to creating my first bit of crochet for a long time. I was gratified to discover that crochet is like riding a bike. You never really forget how to do it. The scarf was complete before my baby put in a slightly early appearance on December 29th . However, when the scarf was finished I was a little disappointed with how short it was and went back to read the pattern. I soon realised that the length could be easily adjusted.

Next time Mum had a little trip to Whitby in her caravan she generously brought back two more balls of wool in a different shade. This time I made twice the number of chains on the foundation row. This was not going to be some twee little neck adornment. No, this time I meant business. I was creating a proper scarf. Like I said, I really should have known better. I should have realised that I would need more yarn. But, my crochet brain was not in good shape. It’s been a long time with lots of sleepless nights in between. More wool was required.

With no prospect of a trip to Whitby in sight I had to take to the internet to source another ball of wool. I was a little bit peeved with the first site I found. It had what I wanted but was going to charge me more for postage than for the yarn itself! £5 for posting a 50g ball of wool!!!!! Fortunately I found an online shop that could supply me with what I needed (Rico Fashion Tasai Aran in red).

In the meantime, I had found the fabulous ‘Attic 24’ blog, via Housewife Confidential’.  As soon as I had clapped eyes on the colours and patterns I just had to get going with something more creative than a scarf. Something that would allow me to choose the colours, not some fancy dyer in Italy. Initially I thought about starting a blanket for our bedroom. My husband often complains that his toes get cold, peeking out under the duvet. Lucy at Attic 24 has so many lovely blankety inspirations on her site that it seemed a good idea. I rushed out to my local Boyes store (brilliant shop – sells everything) and picked some colours that I thought would look good with my stripy Laura Ashley curtains. Then I paused. What kind of blanket should I go for? A ripple seemed like too much of a commitment for a first project and anyway, would that just be too many stripes in one room. I didn’t really want something too ‘holy’ as I could imagine my children poking and picking at it and probably tripping over it too. Decisions, decisions.

Luckily as I was wandering around at Attic 24, enjoying the view, I found a tutorial for Christmas bauble decorations. Perfect. Quick to make and with endless combinations of colours, buttons and beads. Bliss. I was ‘hooked’. And can you believe it, this has been the week that my babykins has decided that a nice long sleep in the morning is just what he needs. Joy oh joy. An hour to just do a bit of crochet. It must have restored some of my housewifely balance because I have even done a pretty good job of keeping the place tidy. The floor has been regularly cleaned and I even managed to dust the children’s bedroom! I still have mountains of paperwork to sort though. Maybe next week.