My daughter is blessed with the kind of lustrous locks that I can only dream about: long, thick, blonde and easily waved or curled. I’ve been combing (see what I did there) through Pinterest to find new styles for her. You can take a look at my board here.

Sometimes, hairstyling is a struggle. It is inevitably a rushed experience as we try to meet the 8.30 a.m. deadline on school days. Despite that, I think I do quite a god job. You might well ask why I bother with fancy styles but I want to enjoy her beautiful hair while she is still young enough to need me to be involved. I want her to look neat and tidy for school too and we often resort to a simple ponytail or plaits.

You can see my efforts on Instagram, via the hashtag #Mumstylist.

How do you style your daughters hair and do you enjoy the experience? Join in with the hashtag on Instagram if you want to. I’d love to see what other Mums do.

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52 weeks of happy 7/52

IMG_6262I’m a little bit behind this week. Blame half term.

This time last week it was Shrove Tuesday, the day for pancakes! This year we shared it with friends who are new to the tradition. All the children had a go at flipping a pancake (under supervision of course), even Babykins. Some of them even managed to get their pancake to turn over and land in the pan again – happy days. We ate ours with lemon and sugar, golden syrup, chocolate sauce, cheese and ham and later, the grown ups had mushrooms in a milky sauce too. Note to self – pancakes are better when served for dessert only.

IMG_6311We’ve had some beautiful skies this week. The above was a sunset and below is a sunrise. Both taken with my iphone and jazzed up a bit with instagram.

Both these skyscapes predicted the weather correctly: ‘Red sky at night, shepherds delight. Red sky in the morning, shepherds warning’. The clear delicate, pinky sunset led to a cold frosty night and sunny morning. The fiery sunrise led to a cold day with lots of snow showers. Brrrr. Both the colours in the sky and the fact that I could get it right as an amateur meteorologist made me happy this week.

IMG_6313Who wouldn’t be happy at the sight of snowdrops? What made these special was being presented with them by my little Babykins and then watching him carefully put them in the old jam jar vase. It reminded me of his antics this time last year.

IMG_6317This last picture is a bit of a strange one. These jeans belong to my son but he won’t be wearing them. Despite the fact that they were clearly a waste of money, that makes me happy.

They are far too big around the waist.

I bought them a long time ago when he was still taking steroids monthly as part of his treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. Plus size jeans are hard to come by so when I found some, I bought the next size too. I just didn’t realise how much those monthly steroid courses were affecting his build (to see what steroids can do click here). Now he’s been steroid free for well over a year and is looking more like a classic 7 year old boy – skinny. Today I took them out of his wardrobe and packed them away to sell at a later date. Happy, happy, happy to be further and further away from cancer.

The Joy Of……The Internet

When I learned to crochet, years ago, I felt as if I was enjoying my hobby in isolation. There wasn’t much around that was very inspiring and I certainly didn’t know anyone else who I could share ideas with. When I took up my hook again almost two years ago I was lucky enough to discover Attic 24. The first time I looked at that blog I was hooked (sorry, bad pun). At last, here was someone making crochet that looked a bit more modern and fun.

Of course once you find one blog that you like the look of it is only a matter of a few clicks and sure enough, you will find more inspiration than you know what to do with. Sometimes it can be a bit daunting. There is one blog that I regularly read in disbelief. I can hardly believe that one person can do so much crafty stuff. Mostly though, I just enjoy looking at all the lovely things that other people make. I love the fact that a craft like crochet, that had a bit of a fuddy duddy reputation when I was growing up has got a whole new lease of life through modern technology. I wonder what my Grandma would have made of it?

Another visual source of inspiration is Instagram – a photography app for smart phones. I am aware that there was a bit of an upset in the Instagram world a week or two ago over who owns the rights to the pictures posted there. I’m not sure if it’s been resolved but for now I ams sticking with it. It took me a while to get to grips with Instagram as a social network but now that I have, I love it. Most of the people that I ‘follow’ on Instagram are crocheters (is that a word?). Here is the picture that inspired the crocheted jar covers in my last post. I have asked permission to share this here, by the way.89d8870c25a611e2901022000a9e13ab_7The same person (I only know them by the name on their Instagram account – nillams) also posted this…

43e749b60d2a11e29bac22000a1c032a_7and then the pattern…057e3e640f8711e2b3af22000a1fb856_7Which inspired my to make these…IMG_5544

It’s not really about the quality of the photography for me. It’s about being able to connect with other people who like the same things. If you are an experienced blogger/tweeter/social media user maybe this isn’t news to you? For me, this is the joy of the internet.

Capturing Childhood

Because blogging is so instant, it is easy to record little snippets of family life that you might otherwise forget. That is one of the reasons I am still hooked on doing it. I already enjoy looking back in my archives, as if they were a family photo album.

Being “born in the age of technology” (as my Grandfather used to lament that he wasn’t) has allowed us a wonderful freedom to snap photos in an almost unlimited fashion. Many of us now have a camera with us all the time, packaged away within our smart phones. There’s no risk in taking more candid, unposed shots in a way that I would never have contemplated in the old days of film

But are our photos any good?
When the writer of one of my favourite blogs, Kat at Housewife Confidential, announced that she was launching a new venture (with her friend, another Kat, from ‘Slugs on the Refrigerator‘) called  ‘Capturing Childhood‘ I was keen to find out more. Capturing Childhood is a website where you can find and book an e-course in photography. Their first course is called ‘Collect the Moments‘, something I think have already been trying to do.
I was rather pleased to find out that they are having a scholarship competition, based around using the instagram app. So the last few days have seen me tapping away at my iphone, getting to grips with editing, adding tags to photos and uploading them. Here is the selection that I’ve entered so far… I think know there will be more. It’s addictive.

If you want to know more about the courses I’ve mentioned, follow the links above. If you want to see all the other entrants, visit instagram via your smartphone and search for the #capturingchildhood tag.