52 weeks of happy 16/52

Before I record my happy things for the week, I want to reflect a little bit on these posts. Practising happiness is, I think, a good thing. Setting aside a little bit of time each week to be thankful for the small pleasures in life is something that humans have frequently done in one form or another, often as a part of prayer and religion. Mostly it was done privately, maybe it still should be?

I certainly wouldn’t want anyone to go away from here with the idea that my life is full of unremitting joy and that I never get fed up, frustrated, confused, angry or uncertain. Trust me, the last week has had it’s fair share of challenges. Not massive, life changing, insurmountable challenges, just everyday stuff. However, at this moment in my life, I want to choose to remember the good things and if someone else enjoys sharing those good things then that is….good. So, on with the happiness…..

knittingThis has been the week that I have finally got into knitting. In one week, I have completed three projects. They were all very simple, even if the wavy blue scarf doesn’t look like it, but it has given me a real sense of achievement. I’ve been able to do the basics of knitting for a long time but up until now I’ve always felt at a loss if I made a mistake. One of the things that has made me happy this week is discovering that I could unpick stitches and get them back on the needles again. Funny how that has almost been more important for me than actually making the items. I think I will have more to say about this at a later date.

IMG_6947I have no idea what I am going to use these for but the colours of the fabric and the buttons made me happy. The buttons were more charity shop bargains so that is another reason to be happy.

allotment april 2013Saturday was a beautiful day, reason enough to be happy. The Husband spent most of it at our allotment, Son Number One was away at a Beaver Scouts activity, The Middle Miss had some Grandma time and I shopped for seeds (as well as fabric and buttons) with Babykins. Later though, we went down to see how Daddy was getting on. It certainly is looking a lot more neat and tidy, now that the hockey season is over. The slightly warmer weather of the last week had brought on the purple sprouting broccoli so I picked our first harvest. I am very happy to report that I seem to be able to eat it with no ill effects, unlike last year. The sunny day also seemed to be waking up the butterflies. The pair of tortoiseshells in the top left picture fluttered around for quite a long time from patch to patch.

IMG_2221Finally, a picture that is just pretty. My favourite yellow roses, bought for me by The Husband, (along with a packet of croissants), some cheery narcissus with a rougue hyacinth, bought for me by my Mum and my blue heart hanging thing, which I think just looks lovely against all the yellow. And of course my knitted sheep. So, if that in any way made you feel happy, feel free to leave me a comment and make me even happier.

P.S. I think the 52 weeks of Happy thing originated at Little Birdie if you want to take a look.