My husband has always been a runner. In fact, one of the first times we spent together was doing a fun run. It was fun for him but not so much for the very unfit me. He has the physique of a long distance runner: slim and long of leg. When he breaks into his stride I am reminded of a gazelle leaping across the African plains. I have always secretly wanted to be able to run too, the Great North Run is a sort of quiet ambition of mine. However I’ve never really felt the commitment needed to get on and start training.

Recently I have heard my brother and sister-in-law talk about how they gradually improved their stamina by running. My sister-in-law is a changed woman. She told me how before she started running she could barely run to catch a train and running to the top of her street was difficult. Now, almost six months of training later she can run 10km three times a week and has lost over 3 stones in weight. I decided that if she could do it, so could I.

My first hurdle was getting some running shoes. I think the last time I bought a pair of trainers was 20 years ago when I decided to do a 5 mile fun run with my husband (I decided to train for it the second time we did it). This time it was more complicated than popping down to the University sports shop and picking from about five different pairs. This time I went to our local Sports Direct mega store and almost passed out at the sight of about a zillion different shoes on racks reaching up to the sky. The staff were actually very helpful and clearly used to the sight of novice, wannabe runners appearing in their store every January. So despite how I felt about going into that store to buy running shoes (slightly stupid) it wasn’t a bad experience after all. I left the store with some VERY cheap, regular trainers and a couple of pairs of trail running shoes for me and The Husband (more about that much later).


If you’ve visited this site recently you may have noticed a few Instagrams of my new trainers. I’m pleased to say that they have been used regularly in the last four weeks. I’ve embraced modern technology and downloaded a training app that you can find if you click the link. So far I love it. I can see nothing but positives. I’ve stuck with the programme and today I ran for 16 minutes out of a thirty minute session. Not 16 continuous minutes I hasten to add, my maximum continuous run so far is only 5 minutes, as dictated by ‘Laura’ the voice on the podcast. I’m happy with that. I can see how I am gradually improving and if I can complete all the podcasts I’ll be running for 30 continuous minutes in another five weeks time. That doesn’t sound like long at all.


Insane grinning after completing my first ‘run’

Now, bring on some more light nights and some better spring weather. Running in sleet a week or two ago was not fun. Actually, what am I saying? Strangely, it was, go figure?