A sticky situation

IMG_1727There are new pets in our household. Son Number One finally got his Christmas present – some stick insects. I took the plunge and ordered a kit containing five young insects from an online shop. It is quite strange to receive a parcel in the post labelled ‘Live Insects’. Unfortunately we were not at home to accept delivery when they arrived.┬áIt is a testament to my elderly neighbour that she was not in the least bit fazed when the post man asked her to take care of our parcel.

We’ve had them for two weeks and so far our six little stick insects (did they put another one in in case of mortality en-route) have been surviving well. They are very easy care pets. Spray them every other day and make sure they have enough space and food (bramble leaves in our case) and they seem happy. I mean can’t you see a smile on that little face?IMG_1874They are still quite small but apparently will be 10cm long in six months. Tonight was the first time we have taken them all out and added fresh leaves. They are so light that you can barely feel them walking on your hand. I was a little nervous about the boys handing them, especially Babykins but he was very good and kept still. It is tempting to try to get hold of them, especially if they seem to be ‘escaping’ – they can move surprisingly fast when they want to. The best way of encouraging them to go where you want seems to be to get them to climb onto a leaf. You can then quickly move the leaf from their tank to their ‘holding pen’ (the original box they arrived in).

They may not be cute, fluffy or greatly in need of human company but they provide plenty of entertainment. ‘Spot the stick insect’ is a game I play at least twice a day. I rarely find all six of them, which is a little unnerving…