52 weeks of happy 18/52

Oh dear, the weeks seem to be catching up with me…IMG_7028Writing, done by The Middle Miss.

Translation: Getting ready for school then have breakfast then brush my teeth then put on my shoes get my coat on because it is school time to go to school and I need to water Barnaby Bear’s sunflower plant with a watering can.

I love that she is getting into writing lists, it seems to be a family trait. I also love the phonetic spelling, it cracks me up every time. She obviously knows that school is a strange word that has a ‘h’ in it but has completely forgotten the ‘c’ that actually makes the sound. Most of all, I am very proud of her lovely neat writing. If only that skill came as easily to all members of the family.

IMG_7053Finally, the camellia started to flower this week, a full two months after it came into bloom last year. It’s such a beautiful plant and right outside my kitchen window. I’ve been looking forward this show of pinkness for what seems like forever.

IMG_7050Finding a fully grown cauliflower in the allotment was a happy surprise this week. The Husband planted them last autumn as plug plants. We really didn’t know what to expect and had almost given up on them producing the white heads we wanted. Somehow they seem to have gone from large but mainly leafy plants to fully fledged food in the blink of an eye. We cooked the first on on Sunday. It certainly had flavour. There are at least two more waiting to be picked so I think some cauliflower and chickpea curry will be in order, unless I get a sudden urge to make piccalilli.

IMG_7057After over two years of ‘maternity leave’ (can you call it that when it goes on so long?) I am going back to work next week. The picture shows the new fliers I printed out this week. I learned how to refill my printer ink cartridges and saved a fortune. That’s a good reason to be happy. I am only planning to teach one class per week so it’s not what you would call a taxing schedule. I am really excited about starting to teach yoga for birth again. I honestly think it is one of the best jobs in the world. That’s certainly something to be happy about.

52 weeks of happy 11/52

IMG_6569I finished off my Mum’s mothers day gift (well almost, there is supposed to be a daffodil in the middle). I think it ¬†looks great on this chest of drawers with the other spring/easter decorations. I have had good reason to be grateful to my Mum this week as I have been unwell. As usual she stepped in to help out with childcare and feeding the family while I slept it off.

IMG_6570Despite feeling pretty ropey for the first part of the week I did manage to cook a few good meals. This stir-fry was made with left-over beef brisket (cheap cut of meat, very tasty, very simple recipe here) and was my first attempt at using rice noodles. I quite enjoyed them though they are certainly an unusual texture. The Husband wasn’t very impressed.

IMG_6586Can’t read this? I shall translate:

List for my clothes: My pink and my blue dress, my tights to go with it, my slippers, my slipper socks, my onesie

Don’t you just love phonetic spelling? My favourite is the ‘wonsee’.

IMG_6607Fancy a ‘nice cup of tea’? Babykins does. I will consider my parenting to be done when this activity can happen for real and the beverage I am presented with is hot. Until then, I shall just have to enjoy the pretend version.